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By 2030, the digital fashion space is poised to be worth $50 billion, according to projections by Morgan Stanley 

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 We digitalize your creative process using the potential of 3D technology

NFTs can promote

Community ownership and engagement, enabling new ways of mobilizing communities and creating bonds between users.

Font: World Economic Forum - Evolution of Non-Fungible Tokens Insight Report Oct. 2023  

The rapid growth and diversification of the virtual environments will force the marketing industry to fundamentally reconceptualize how brands communicate with consumers.
The many definition of metaverse remains ambiguous as this world continues to evolve, but it clearly will play an integral role in shaping the future of societies, culture and brand presence.
The ultimate goal will be to allow users to generate content and connect it across digital worlds and to drive brands to catch the potential of this digital revolution.


We help brand to seize the potential of web3

- Education

- Tokenomics strategy

- Smart contract development

- Web3 platform

Token-gated is the new CRM

Gaming is the most significant opportunity for FASHION brands to increase awareness and reach Gen Z & Gen Alpha 

We extend the use of physical products to virtual environments

Gaming is the most significant opportunity for FASHION brands to increase awareness and reach Gen Z & Gen Alpha



- Strategy & Concept

- Digital wearable for gaming

- In-game brand activation

- Physical Product digital extension

Our goal is to make digital assets available across every Metaverse to pursue the full potential of digital commerce

The number of gamers in 2021 is 2.9 Bn and

33% of gamers bought virtual fashion

Source: The Screenwear Paper - Global Digital Fashion Report


- Brand experiences

- Virtual product showcase

- Virtual Events

- Immersive commerce 

We create virtual experiences addressing multiple strategic targets on the basis of our partners needs

Shopping is now the #1 reason for using AR.

Snapchatters used Lenses to try on shoes 104 million times.

AR experiences lead to a 94% increase in conversion rate

           Source:  2022 Ipsos Global Augmentality Shift Study


Today's consumers have increasing demands for personalized and engaging brand interactions.

- Virtual try-on 

- AR Filters for social media

- Web AR Experiences

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Physical and digital experiences are seamlessly converging, erasing traditional boundaries

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