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Fashion Forward: A Journey Through Fashion History and Technology

Fashion has always been a means of expression, but it's never before been so connected to technology and innovation. MVFW was a whirlwind of incredible experiments from many brands and this year, it was held across several metaverses!

At Customix we prepared an event to bring you the ultimate fusion of fashion and technology: a transformative experience for fashion enthusiasts and industry experts alike that immerses you in the future of fashion.

Fashion Forward gallery has opened its doors on the 28th of March with an inaugural event that brought together incredible experts from the fashion industry.


After completing all the quests, visitors could enjoy the view at the terrace and listen to a conversation about digital fashion and its future with Marco Bisato, Founder of Customix, Stella Achenbach, Founder of The ALANA Project, and Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency.

On the opening day, we walked through the iconic runways that changed the fashion in the past and showcased Italian artists who are transforming the industry today together with knowledgeable guides. Svetlana, Head of Partnerships at Customix, and Valerya, Fashion Influencer, brought participants on an immersive journey through the history of fashion, from seminal runway moments to the impact of Metaverse on fashion.

We exhibited artworks by talented team of 3D artists, Aurorae, Vanessa Pagano, chrryt and avatars from Digital Fashion Week made by Lorena Bello and Estelle Pearce and HONEY, as well as film "Avatar Reborn" by Red-Eye.

The Fashion Forward Event at Metaverse Fashion Week is a must-attend for anyone interested in fashion and technology. The gallery will remain open until April 30th so you have plenty of time to explore and discover the future of fashion.

Enjoy the view on Spatial:


Customix is the first Italian fashion tech hub specializing in 3D production, NFT and Metaverse creation, and immersive experiences for the fashion industry. By delivering cutting-edge phygital experiences for the fashion industry, we are revolutionizing how people engage with the world and immersing them in a new era of connectivity.

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